Schools: Nutrition Lesson Plans for Kids, Nutrition Education, Teacher Training and More

Partner with Dairy Council of California to create a culture of wellness at your school

Offering Resources Throughout Your School

Our resources are free for California schools and will help you connect nutrition and health throughout the school environment.

Classroom Nutrition Resources for Teachers

While our free nutrition lesson plans often take center stage when teachers want to integrate nutrition into their classroom, it's the numerous resources and activities that we provide that will steal the show! 

Teachers will find a wealth of resources to use with our lesson plans, such as Common Core extension activities, online games, videos, Smart Board Activities and more. All of these options make it easy to bring nutrition concepts into the classroom. 

School-based Health: Create a Culture of Wellness at Your School

Nutrition Education Resources for Health Educators, School-based Clinics, Wellness Champions

As your school looks for ways to create a culture of wellness and boost student achievement, use Dairy Council of California as your source for free nutrition resources to support your efforts in the classroom, at home, in the cafeteria and beyond!

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Activate School Wellness


Your Local School Wellness Policy can be implemented to affect vast change in your school and create a culture of wellness for your students. Here are some ideas to get an effective policy in place:  

Access resources we've compiled to assist you in developing and implementing your Wellness Policy.


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Create a Smarter, Healthier Cafeteria

More than 4.5 million breakfasts and lunches are served in California schools each day. Join the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement and implement low- and no-cost strategies that will nudge your students to making healthier choices.

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Farm to School

Looking for ways to bring the farm to your school? From classroom activities to the cafeteria, we've got great ideas for your school.

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