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Professional Development for Health Educators in Schools

Dairy Council of California partners with schools and the California School-based Health Alliance to elevate the health and academic success of California students. Our resources are meant to support you as you provide evidenced-based nutrition education and counseling to promote lifelong health among your students.


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Online Training

  • The Link Between Health and Academic Achievement: How to Improve Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Opportunities for Students – As the interrelationship between health and academic achievement is confirmed, education and health leaders must work together to be successful. This webinar explores two interrelated factors – nutrition and physical activity – and provides effective actions to support healthy eating and increased activity in your school. Resources and applicable ideas are shared. Download the presentation  and access the supporting research report.
  • Early Childhood Nutrition: How to Get Feeding off to a Positive and Healthy Start – in this webinar, nutrition educators learn about this critical time between infancy and toddlerhood which sets the stage for later success in childhood feeding.
  • The Unintended Consequences of Simplistic Nutrition Recommendations – avoid the pitfalls and unintended negative health consequences of using simplistic nutrition messages. This online training, which is eligible for CEUs, provides the health practitioner with suggestions for providing clients with individualized, comprehensive, yet feasible advice that promotes lifelong health and well-being.
  • Motivational Interviewing: Integrating the Total Diet Approach – demonstrates simple techniques for using food group assessments and motivational interviewing to improve nutrition counseling outcomes. 
  • From Potato Chips to Mini Meals: Optimizing Nutrient Quality of Snacks – with snacking on the rise across all ages and demographics, this webinar provides solutions to help health professionals teach and motivate their clients to use snacking as an opportunity to fill nutrient gaps, optimize health and achieve their nutrition goals.>The behavior economics model is applied to improve the healthfulness of snacks and to keep energy and blood sugar levels constant throughout the day. 
  • The Power of Protein: Separating Hype from Reality – this webinar outlines the most substantiated health effects of protein, discusses the importance of regular consumption throughout the day, clarifies how much is needed, and identifies specific groups that may benefit from higher levels and outline high quality sources.
  • Bone Health for Children and Adolescents – overviews bone health issues in both children and adults then offers practical suggestions for assessing calcium intake, physical activity and ways to improve bone health.



Everything You Need to Provide Nutrition Education for Children + Teens and Parents: PowerPoints, Scripts, Handouts

Whether you are giving a presentation, leading a class or providing one-on-one counseling, we have presentations, PowerPoints, scripts and user guides to help you customize your teachings.  Find available resources for Children + Teens and Parents.