Before + After Resources for Your Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly

Mobile Dairy Classroom

Bringing Agriculture to Your School

Resources for before and after your Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly.

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Look for a brand new Mobile Dairy Classroom poster in your cafeteria! Or, download this printable poster here.

Before the Assembly

What should you and your students expect to see at the Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly?

  • The assembly is an outdoor event and will take place in the morning, so make sure your students bring jackets if the weather is cool.
  • Chairs are not recommended.
  • There will be two 45-minute assemblies, one for lower grades and one for upper grades, with age-appropriate information.
  • The cow stays in her classroom trailer for the whole assembly.
  • All students learn new vocabulary, the anatomy of a cow, how milk goes from the cow to the table, and the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.
  • To help your students get the most out of the assembly, download activities for your students to do before and after the assembly. Enjoy!

After the Assembly

Thank you for hosting Mobile Dairy Classroom at your school!

We hope you and your students enjoyed the presentation and have a deeper appreciation for California dairy farmers. Now that you’ve seen the assembly in person, continue learning about dairy farming with the activities below.

Video Series Preview

Review the Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly in your classroom anytime with this Video Series

Our Video Series Provides the Entire Lesson

Watch the preview below, then login for access to the complete Video Series.

Ideas for Incorporating the Video Series

  • Incorporate the videos into your farm unit, or a science lesson about mammals 
  • Tie agriculture into your health and nutrition lessons 
  • Play one video each day during breakfast in the classroom 
  • Use the videos during the years that your school is not eligible for a visit from our in-person assembly 
  • Help your students explore jobs in agriculture – like dairy farming!

Meet the Instructors

Who Make Farm to School Fun!


Mobile Dairy Classroom Instructors (from left) Brandon Roberts, Louis Batista, Mishael McDougal, Kimberlee McLaughlin, Efrain Valenzuela and Steven Miller.


Our instructors combine their passion for nutrition education and love of agriculture in a challenging and rewarding career. Each instructor visits elementary schools across the state to bring a little bit of the dairy farm to schools and helps make a farm to cafeteria connection for California’s children.

Instructors hold degrees in Animal Science or Agriculture Education and some even have classroom teaching experience prior to Mobile Dairy Classroom.

Assembly Reviews

Kudos to your team for an extraordinary program!!! My students and staff loved it … We will continue to promote healthy eating and food literacy. THANKS!!!!
Thank you so much for the opportunity for our students to experience “a real cow” as they said! … It was a wonderful experience for all!
It was a wonderful experience for our students. All the students, even our upper-grade students really enjoyed the presentation.
I just wanted to let you know how fantastic our presentation was yesterday. I was so impressed by our presenter. She was engaging and charismatic, and really positive with all the children. Students and teachers absolutely loved it.