Dairy Council Annual Report


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Message From the CEO

Stronger Together … Partners Help Advance Dairy Council of California’s Cause

For nearly 100 years, Dairy Council of California has been working with educators and health professionals to instill lifelong healthy eating habits among kids and parents. It could be called our original partnership strategy. See full story.


Expanding Impact to Educate More Kids, More Times, More Ways

Dairy Council of California is becoming the convener of a cause by working with influential partners to reach more children and parents with healthy eating messages that elevate their health. See full story

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Board Chair

The Foundation of Our Success

Few organizations have developed the kind of strong relationships Dairy Council of California has with teachers, students, parents and health professionals—and the foundation of it all is trust and credibility. See full story.

Your Money at Work

2016-2017 Expenditures

Dairy Council of California continues to increase education opportunities and impact, offering the dairy industry a solid return on investment.


Program Services - 84% or $4,764,589
Administration - 13% or $738,522
Research + Industry - 2% or $134,319
Board of Directors - 1% or $72,860



Dairy Council of California by the Numbers

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In 2016–2017, Dairy Council of California continued to have a powerful impact on the health of children and parents through multiple touch points, including nutrition education programs, partnerships with influential organizations and digital resources.

Coming Soon

Dairy Council of California will soon launch DairyUp, a mobile app that will serve as a resource for the dairy industry when talking about milk and dairy products and their journey from the farm to the table. DairyUp will provide easily accessible information in six distinct categories: nutrients of milk and dairy foods, health, safety, animal welfare, environment and sustainability, and types of milk and dairy foods. Stay tuned for an announcement about the launch of DairyUp in November.

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