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Message From the CEO

Delivering on a Cause: Expanding Nutrition Education and Partnerships

We’ve all heard the child-rearing expression, “It takes a village.” The notion suggests that who a child becomes is the collective impact of what happens both at home and in the community. It’s a philosophy Dairy Council of California has long believed and is applying to its nutrition education efforts. See full story.


Partnerships Leverage Resources, Create Bigger Impact

In 2015, Dairy Council of California increased engagement with partners—all with a focus on leveraging resources for a common cause: elevating the health of children and parents in California through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits. A few such partnerships include: See full story

Chairman of the Board

We All Play a Role

In our quest to share the exciting news about milk and dairy’s critical role in a healthy diet, I see a largely untapped force at our fingertips with the potential to spread our message far and wide. See full story.

Your Money at Work

2015-2016 Expenditures

Dairy Council of California continues to increase its reach and impact, offering the dairy industry a solid return on investment.

Program Services - 85%
Administration - 11%
Research + Industry - 3%
Board of Directors - 1%

Dairy Council of California by the Numbers

In 2015–2016, Dairy Council of California continued to use proven, effective programs and tools–and developed new ones—to further its cause of elevating the health of children and parents. Its nutrition education programs continue to be the backbone and are used by 73 percent of California schools, kindergarten through high school.

Ways You Can Help

Dairy Council of California’s trends tracking system confirms that consumers want to know where their food comes from and the people behind it. Therefore, dairy farm families and local dairy companies can play an important role in supporting the industry’s cause of elevating the health of children and parents in California. Here are ways you can help children and parents understand the role of milk and dairy foods in a healthy diet:

  • Open your farm or processing facility to school and public tours.
  • Serve as an industry spokesperson.
  • Participate in local health fairs and other community events.
  • Volunteer for your school district’s wellness committee.

Contact Dairy Council of CA to learn how you can get involved: 877.324.7901.

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