Dairy Council of California 2016 Spring Newsletter

A Message From the CEO

Research Yields Positive News for Dairy, as Science Faces Increased Scrutiny

Scientists in laboratories around the world are uncovering a growing body of evidence that consumption of milk and dairy foods contributes to a wide range of health benefits. See full story.

Focus on School

Link Between Health and Academic Success Stronger Than Ever

Research showing academic success can be negatively impacted by a lack of nutritious foods—including dairy—is more compelling than ever and is gaining traction with the nation’s health and education officials.

The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors issued a strong “call to action” after the Journal of Adolescent Health showed a 96 percent correlation between adolescent health-risk behaviors—such as a diet low in fruits, vegetables and dairy products—and reduced academic success.

“It’s imperative that leaders in education and health act together to make wise investments in our nation’s school-age youth that will benefit the entire population,” the association said. See full story.

At A Glance

Sodium Recommendations: Take With a Grain of Salt?

Research shows that severely restricting sodium may do more harm than good for some people. In fact, individual needs vary widely and should be factored into sodium recommendations. “Public health policy hasn’t kept up with the science,” said Lori Hoolihan, Ph.D., R.D.N., Dairy Council of California Nutrition Research Manager.

As an example, the Institute of Medicine convened an expert panel on the topic in 2013 that concluded there was insufficient evidence to support the current sodium dietary guidelines.

Public health officials and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans continue to recommend extremely low sodium intakes for all individuals despite a recent study in the American Journal of Hypertension showing the risk of heart disease can increase at high and low sodium intake.

Read more in Nutrition Topics.

Thank You to our Mobile Dairy Classroom Supporters

Batista Bros. Dairy

When coupled with Dairy Council of California’s lessons, the Mobile Dairy Classroom assembly program helps students understand where their food comes from and how to make healthy choices. Mobile Dairy Classroom—California’s original Farm to School assembly program—relies on the generosity of local dairies that donate cows for the assemblies. Dairy Council of California thanks the following dairies for their support:

Batista Bros. Dairy   Sweeney Dairy
Cal-Denier Dairy   Vander Schaaf Dairy
Delta View Farms    
Questions + Answers




Douglas Paddon-Jones
Ph.D., F.A.C.S.M., professor in the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Nutrition Science Shows Consuming Protein Throughout the Day Can Prevent Loss of Muscle

Q: Why is research on protein consumption among inactive older adults important?
A: We know loss of muscle mass among seniors, especially inactive or bed-ridden individuals, is a major problem. For almost everyone, protein consumption is heavily skewed toward the evening meal with little consumed at breakfast. Our hypothesis is that this uneven protein intake pattern may, over time, contribute to loss of muscle mass and function in aging adults. See additional questions.

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