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Message From the CEO

Making Milk a Priority Again

For many of us, milk and dairy foods were the centerpiece of healthful eating while growing up. But in recent years—as fruits and vegetables have captured the limelight and some consumers shy away from milk in favor of trendy alternative beverages like almond and soy drinks—dairy has been slipping away from the conversation about healthy eating. See full story.


Dairy Council of California has long been focused on promoting healthy eating behaviors among children and parents—and it’s using more tools than ever to do so. Dairy Council of California nutrition education programs continue to be used by 75 percent of California schools. Many of these schools use the programs throughout the school district for every grade level, meaning students receive healthy eating messages year after year. These programs are now being reinforced in many other ways beyond the classroom, more effectively helping young people develop healthy eating habits early on or change unhealthy eating patterns. The result is healthier kids and families with a lifelong value for milk and dairy foods. See full story

Our Team

Dairy Council of CA Helps Bring Milk and Dairy Into Conversations

The Dairy Council of California team is dedicated to igniting a passion for milk and dairy foods. While each team member has a unique position within the organization, all remain focused on the cause at hand: improving the health of children and parents in California.

Mary Anne Burkman, Senior Director, Program Services, gives voice to dairy’s strong story by providing advocacy training for industry leaders, board members, staff and other nutrition professionals. Trainings help people find common ground and make compelling arguments to combat misconceptions of dairy and positively communicate its benefits, including its irreplaceable package of nutrients.   Sara Floor, Communications Manager, uses social media—like Twitter chats and blogs—to broaden nutritional conversations with parents and registered dietitians. When healthy eating discussions focus mostly on fruits and vegetables, she expands the dialogue to include all five food groups, including milk and dairy. The result is more children and parents making healthy food choices.
Candice Sainz, Community Nutrition Adviser, trains school foodservice staff with Smarter Lunchrooms Movement strategies. Among them: encouraging menu boards that are fun and engaging and redesigning displays to make the healthy choice the easy choice. This means making milk more attractive and accessible. Her work is paying off in students choosing healthier foods like milk and dairy foods.   Valerie Fung-A-Ling, Community Nutrition Adviser, is on a constant quest to put nutrition education lessons into the hands of Bay Area teachers and students. Through group trainings and alignment with Common Core State Standards, she makes the case for feeding children’s bodies and minds with Dairy Council of CA programs.

Chairman of the Board

Building on 96 Years of Trust

It’s been almost a century since dairy farm families and local dairy companies came together to create Dairy Council of California. Generation after generation, our commitment to nutrition education has built a reservoir of trust that would be difficult to replicate if we were starting today. See full story.

By the Numbers

Your Money at Work

2014-2015 Expenditures

Dairy Council of California continues to increase its reach and impact, offering the dairy industry a solid return on investment.

Program Services 86%
Administrators 11%
Research + Industry 2%
Board of Directors 1%

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