2018 Spring Newsletter - Expanding Access to Milk

A Message From the CEO

Expanding Access to Milk and Dairy is a Key Strategy

At Dairy Council of California, we believe elevating the health of children will help create healthier communities—but unless Californians have access to milk, dairy and other nutritious foods, the dairy industry loses the opportunity to further community health and highlight the important value of milk and dairy foods as a cornerstone to healthy eating patterns.

Building upon nutrition education as our strong and longstanding foundation, we’re increasingly focused on expanding access to healthy foods—especially milk and dairy products, which are considered underconsumed foods. Nowhere is this more critical than in our schools, where Dairy Council of CA has established strong relationships since we were founded in 1919.

To continue reaching more kids, more times and more ways, we’ve expanded our efforts to make milk a more attractive choice in school meal programs. Throughout the state, Dairy Council of CA is supporting school districts in connecting classroom nutrition education to the school cafeteria. We’re also teaming up with other dairy groups, government agencies and community organizations that share our commitment to improving the health of children and families. These partnerships make us more effective and efficient than working on our own to expand food access.

By combining access strategies with nutrition education programs that teach why healthy eating is so important, we can create a passion for dairy foods for generations to come. Most importantly, we can deliver on our nearly 100-year-old cause of elevating the health of children and families in California through the pursuit of lifelong healthy eating habits.


Tammy Anderson-Wise
CEO, Dairy Council of California

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