For Dairy Professionals

For Dairy Professionals

girl on dairy farm with cowServing as the California dairy industry’s contribution to community health, Dairy Council of California teaches millions of children and adults each year about milk and dairy food’s role in optimal health.

Along with nutrition education materials developed for schools and health professionals, Dairy Council of California provides farmers and processors with a variety of educational and informational resources.

Resources to Use in Your Community

It is important for dairy professionals to continuously tell dairy’s story and help create a greater understanding of our industry and products.

Our Mobile Dairy Classroom agricultural assembly is available FREE to California elementary schools. Learn how to bring the assembly to your community.

Our nutrition education resources are distributed to kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers for use in the classroom, and health professionals for their patients and clients

Print or order materials to share with your community. Download available handouts, or contact our office at 916.263.3560.

Learn more about the myths and facts about milk and dairy foods.

Newsletters for Dairy Professionals

Through our trends tracking system, Dairy Council of California stays on top of new developments in nutrition research in regards to milk and dairy foods, and helps the dairy industry manage nutrition issues likely to impact them. Check out our latest Nutrition Trends newsletters and Functional Foods Task Force report for important developments in the field of dairy nutrition and marketing. To receive these newsletters via email, send your address and contact information

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