Websites with Accurate, Reliable Information About Milk & Milk Products

Additional Resources

Do you need to find out more about a Got Milk? campaign or learn how the dairy industry is helping to sustain the environment? These websites contain additional information about these topics and much more.  

Dairy Promotion

Real California MilkReal California Milk Learn about all types of dairy products, from cheese to yogurt, as well as about the dairy import/export business.


Why Milk Learn more about Milk: Nature's Wellness Drink and keep tabs with the Milk Mustache celebrities. 

Producers Dairy The Producers Dairy Foods website offers information on the company, new products, and milk and dairy links.


Got Milk?Got Milk? Visit the Got Milk website and learn about the most current campaigns contests, recipes and games. 

MooMilkMoo Milk A fun site for kids and adults where you can learn more about milk and cows, and even take a virtual dairy tour! 


Dairy Farming

Dairy Farmers TodayDairy Farming Today Learn about life on a dairy farm and how dairy farmers care for the environment.


Dairy Farm BureauCalifornia Farm Bureau Federation Many county Farm Bureaus will provide groups with the names of dairies that give tours.

California Department of Food and AgricultureCalifornia Department of Food and Agriculture This large site contains information about California agriculture, food safety, nutrition and agriculture education.


California Department of Food and AgricultureCalifornia Department of Food and Agriculture's Dairy Division The California Department of Food and Agriculture's Dairy Division provides marketing data, statistics, and safety regulations for milk and dairy foods in California.

Real California Dairy FamiliesReal California Dairy Families This site featuresvideos about California dairy farmers and their families. provides news and resources about the dairy industry's contribution to healthy people, healthy communities and healthy planet. 


Dairy Research and Nutrition

California Dairy Research FoundationCalifornia Dairy Research Foundation promotes research and development activities that benefit California dairy producers, processors and consumers.


Council for Agricultural Science and TechnologyCouncil for Agricultural Science and Technology publishes information and reports about issues of animal sciences, food sciences and agricultural technology, plant and soil sciences, and plant protection sciences.

Global Dairy PlatformGlobal Dairy Platform is an international network of dairy organizations that focuses on research, promotion and regulation.  

Whey Protein InstituteWhey Protein Institute For a healthy whey of life visit the Whey Protein Institute. This site explains the benefits of whey proteins, gives you ways to include more whey in your diet, and provides whey news, references and facts.