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Instilling healthy habits in kids requires a team effort over many years with adults role modeling healthy behaviors, formal nutrition education programs and parents who feed their kids with a long-term strategy in mind.

Healthy Role Model

Healthy Role ModelChildren taste and accept foods at different rates. While it may feel like it takes forever for your child to enjoy a range of foods, remind yourself that no healthy child will starve themselves. Your role is to serve meals and snacks with all five food groups. Include a couple of safe foods you know they enjoy at meals. Most important is for you to sit down and eat with your child. When they see you eating and enjoying foods, know that when children are ready, they will try foods on their terms. 

Get Tips For Creating Healthy Snacks and Meals For Kids

Nearly 40 percent of foods kids eat are from empty calories. You can make a difference by serving foods that taste great and provide good nutrition without as many solid fats and added sugars. 


Balanced Nurition for Your Child

Encourage teachers you know to

Teach Nutrition

Raising Healthy Eaters

Family Meals

Try to eat with family members as often as possible—it develops healthier and more successful kids.

Learn how to meal plan for your family. Find quick meals for busy nights.