Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays
Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Plates of foodHoliday celebrations often conflict with mealtimes and offers many delectable treats and foods. If your family's holiday schedule includes buffet or restaurant eating, here are some helpful tips to make sure you eat healthy throughout the holiday season.

When a family meal is not possible, due to time constraints or unusual schedules, eat a small nutrient-rich snack before a party. Fruit, whole wheat crackers and string cheese can help tame your appetite so you don't overeat at the event.

Watch what you drink, limiting alcohol and other high-calorie drinks. Opt for sparkling water or milk, which provides needed nutrients and will help fill you up. Soft drinks are often high in calories but lack nutrients.

Order wisely when eating out. Try to choose foods that represent all five food groups, just like you would serve at home. Most restaurants serve over-sized portions, so consider splitting an entrée with a friend or boxing half your meal to take home.

Eat slowly and converse with fellow party goers. You'll likely find you feel full and might not even want a second helping. At buffet events, make one trip to select reasonable-sized food portions from all five food groups, then sit down and eat. Focus on enjoying both the food and your company.

Don't skip dessert, just order it family style! Share a special treat with a friend or two.