Health + Nutrition: Positive Approach to Food, Variety

Health + Nutrition

Most people have an opinion about what healthy eating means. At Dairy Council of California, we believe that healthy eating is taking a positive approach to food while eating a variety of foods from each of the MyPlate food groups. This means that we concentrate on the nutrients and healthfulness that foods bring without following the latest fads. Our recommendations stem from science – research that has been conducted over decades to show us the most beneficial way to build a diet.

5 Reasons to Eat a Protein-Packed Breakfast

5 reasons you should eat a protein-packed breakfast, based on current research.

Accentuate the Positive in Eating

Take a positive and realistic approach to healthy eating and eat with joy, flexibility and balance.

Embrace Your Cooking Personality

Buying nutrient-rich, functional foods and cooking them in a way that makes sense for you will streamline meal planning and make healthy eating easier!

Going Green: How to Make Your Plate Sustainable

You can make some small changes to your diet to become more sustainable and healthier. Follow these green tips for healthy eating and a healthy environment!

In Defense of Pizza

Can pizza be part of a healthy diet or is it a food you should avoid? Learn how pizza can be part of a healthy eating plan for for children and adults.

Lactose Intolerance

Individuals with lactose intolerance can control their symptoms with diet and can still get the recommended levels of calcium.

Make Sure Nothing is Missing from MyPlate

MyPlate is a great way to help you plan a meal as you strive for a balanced diet to eat healthy, but make sure you don’t forget any of the food groups from MyPlate!

More than Delicious: How Milk, Cheese + Yogurt Benefit Your Health

Get all the facts and figures on milk, cheese and yogurt and why it's important to include these nutrient-rich foods in your daily routine.

Nine Hacks for Healthy Snacks

Simple changes in your shopping habits and kitchen design can encourage healthy snacks.

Nutrition in Pregnancy, Mom, You've Got The Power!

Food and lifestyle choices pregnant women make influence their child at birth and throughout their lives. Eating a variety of food-group foods can help you raise a healthier, more adventurous eater.

Pack Nutrition Into Your Food Choices

Get more health benefits from the foods you eat by eating from all the food groups and paying attention to variety, color, benefits and moderation when it comes to your food choices.

Protein: Make the Shift from Dinner to Daytime

Make sure you are getting enough protein from the best sources and you may find some great health benefits, including weight loss.

Sipping Pretty

Sip yourself healthy the simple way! Tips and tricks for getting the most out of what you drink, with a printable PDF included.

Three Tips to Enjoy What and How You Eat

Don’t feel guilty about eating comfort food. Enjoy your food and remember that balancing what you eat, positive attitudes and pleasant mealtimes are important aspects of healthy eating.

What Role Does Protein Play in Building Strong Bones?

Does protein help to build strong bones or does it leach the calcium out of bones? Learn the latest research on protein and bone health.

What to Eat When You're Eating For Two

Nutrition and food choices change during pregnancy to meet the needs of mom and her growing baby. Learn how much food is recommended from each food group, which foods to eat more of and which foods to avoid.

Whether You're Six or 60, Get Plenty of Calcium

Drinking milk isn’t just for kids. Everyone can benefit from the calcium and other nutrients found in milk to keep their bones strong.