How to be Healthy: Disease Prevention, Nutrition, Physical Activity

Healthy Living

Healthy Family

Many factors contribute to a healthy lifestyle – from what you eat to the amount of sleep you get. At Dairy Council of California we believe that making a commitment to being healthy means making the best choices most of the time. Our philosophy is based on patterns and moderation, so if you exercise most days, eat from all the food groups at most meals and find time for rest and relaxation most weeks, you are living a healthy lifestyle. Our solution for how you might get from none to most is to take small steps toward your long-term goals by setting short-term goals.

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Disease Prevention

You can increase your odds of warding off disease if you eat a healthy diet. The following articles can help you learn how.

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Health + Nutrition

A positive approach will help you make the best food choices and get the nutrients you need.

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Physical Activity

Working Out
Physical activity allows you stay strong, fit and eat reasonable amounts of foods you love! Read more.

Weight Management

Weight Managment
Positive steps you can take to help with weight loss and weight management. Learn about the no-diet diet.