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Wellness Challenges

Wellness coordinators, lead your staff through these wellness challenges. Each challenge is described in a step-by-step manner and is easy to implement.

Get Your Plate in Shape

Healthy BreakfastIt is time to start the "Get Your Plate in Shape" nutrition challenge!

This nutrition focused challenge will help your employees take small steps to create healthy lifestyles.

This 6 week challenge will focus on the following topics: food portions, reading labels, food shopping and physical activity.

Each week, several activities will be available for your employees to complete. Please make sure each person has a copy of the booklet Activity & Eating: Small Steps to a Healthier You readily available, as this will be referred to throughout the campaign. If you would like to order this booklet for your employees, please follow the link above.

This challenge should be educational, enjoyable, and promote long-term improvements to the food choices of your employees. This challenge focuses on making small, realistic goals with regards to eating more nutrient-rich foods and managing weight.

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Women Exercising1000 Minute Challenge

Are you looking for some motivation to include more physical activity in your everyday routine? Participating in our 1,000 Minute Club challenge can give you the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals! This challenge encourages everyone to be physically active for 1,000 minutes during a six-week time period.

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