ReThink Your Drink

ReThink Your Drink

Healthy Drinks

ReThinking Your Drink Makes More of a Difference Than You Think!

Drinking natural nutrient-packed beverages like milk, 100% fruit juice and water can boost your nutrition. Milk is good for strong bones and teeth, 100% fruit juice can give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy and water is a great way to stay hydrated. Tips to help you re-think your drink is to try and replace your sodas with low-fat or fat-free milk or water. Water can be boring and tasteless to many people but adding sliced fresh fruit or cucumbers to your water can add flavor!

Learn Your Label

When reading your drink label focus on finding the serving size, servings per container, how many grams of sugar the drink has and lastly, read the ingredients! Drinking more milk, 100% fruit juice, water, and unsweetened beverages is just one simple way to live a healthier lifestyle!