Parents Get Straight A's with A Healthy Breakfast

Parents Get Straight A's

Make Breakfast Beneficial

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal of The Day

It has been proven that children who eat breakfast before school have better nutrition, fewer absences, and higher scores on achievement tests. It can be hard for busy parents to have time to make breakfast for their children every morning, a helpful hint is to just keep breakfast simple.

Simple Breakfast Ideas

 Have items like cereal, milk, toast or bagels, cheese fruit and yogurt out on your kitchen counter so it is easy to prepare before school. Serving a good source of protein such as cheese, egg, milk or peanut butter is important because it will stick with them throughout the day and reduce hunger symptoms. Incorporate two other food groups such as fruit or grains, eating three out of the 5 food groups is a balanced breakfast. Refer to the PDF above for more tips and information on a balanced and healthy breakfast.