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MyPlate Activity Sheet

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What Foods on MyPlate Make a Healthy Meal?

Looking for games to teach children about healthy eating habits? Looking for fun nutrition activity sheets about milk? Want an activity sheet to teach healthy eating that can be used during after school, scouting meetings or even during the summer meals program? This milk and MyPlate activity sheet is designed to teach healthy eating for kids. Healthy diets include foods from all five food groups; dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. All food and beverage choices matter and everything you eat or drink counts toward a healthy diet. Encourage healthy eating habits by serving balanced meals with foods from all five food groups. Kids can draw a healthy breakfast or lunch on this activity sheet and share with adults who do the grocery shopping. Be sure to fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables, make half the grains whole grains and be sure to include low-fat or fat free milk to drink. Yogurt and cheese also count as servings from the Dairy food group. Be sure to review MyPlate for how many servings of dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and protein kids and adults need every day.

Have You Tried Making Yogurt?

Following recipes and cooking healthy meals is a great activity for kids to practice English Language Arts and Math skills. Plus, yogurt is a part of the Dairy food group and is important to healthy eating. Making yogurt is simple. By selecting the ingredients, parents or adults can control the amount of fat and added sugar in the yogurt. Make this delicious yogurt at home, in class, during an afterschool program, at a Summer Meal site or even during a Scouting meeting. To enjoy delicious yogurt, with important nutrients, follow the simple recipe at


MyPlate -

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