Healthy Snack for Home and School

Healthy Snacks for Home and School


Snack Time

Make Snacks Healthier: Think of Them As “Mini-Meals”

Regularly scheduled healthy snacks are like “mini-meals”. Snacks can provide up to a quarter of the nutrients children need each day. Not only is snacking important for providing nutrients but it also provides the children with more calories (energy) to sustain them through their busy day of school and play. It is crucial to choose healthy snacks rather than unhealthy snacks, by providing unhealthy snacks for your child it could add too many calories and not provide enough nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Quick and nutritious snack ideas could be raw vegetables with low fat yogurt dip, string cheese and fruit, trail mix with nuts and dried fruit, or apples and cheese. 

In this print-friendly sheet for parents, "Healthy Snacks for Home + School," we outline healthier snack ideas.