Tip Sheets for Nutrition Education

Nutrition Tip Sheets

These tip sheets make great handouts for your nutrition education presentations. They can either supplement our nutrition education self-instructional booklets or add to other wellness or parent education resources. Some are designed for children and work great in after-school youth settings.

Feel free to download and use. Note: many are available in both English and Spanish.


For Print or Download

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Nutrition Tip Sheets For Adults

10 Healthy Snacking Tips - English/Spanish (PDF)
Protein: For Active Older Adults (PDF)
Protein: For Young Adults (PDF)
Protein: For High School Athletes (PDF)
Protein: For Cost-Conscious Consumers (PDF)
Milk + Yogurt: A Healthy Choice for Every Day (PDF)
Reach for a Healthy Beverage (PDF)
Blood Pressure and the Dash Diet (PDF)
Fuel Your Body (PDF)
Healthier Eating + Physical Activity: Tips for Older Adults (PDF) Spanish
Healthy Lifestyle Tips - English/Spanish (PDF)
Milk, Cheese and Yogurt: Essential to Healthy Eating (PDFSpanish
Serving Size Comparison Chart - English/Spanish (PDF)
Food Diary (PDF)

Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Tip Sheets

Food Group Meal Planner (PDF)
Suggested Shopping List for Kitchen Staples (PDF)
Suggested Shopping List for "Meals In A Flash" Food Personality (PDF)
Suggested Shopping List for "Fast and Fresh" Food Personality (PDF)
Suggested Shopping List for "Gourmet" Food Personality (PDF)
Suggested Shopping List for "Last Minute Meals" Food Personality (PDF)

Printable Nutrition Tip Sheets for Parents

ReThink Your Drink  (PDF) Spanish
Be a Healthy Eating Role Model  (PDF) Spanish
Calcium and Kids  (PDF) Spanish
Parents...Get Straight A's with a Healthy Breakfast  (PDF) Spanish
Healthy Snacks for Home and School (PDF) Spanish
Get Packin'...Tips for a Healthy Lunch Box (PDF) Spanish
Start Your Preschooler on the Path to Healthy Eating (PDF) Spanish
Healthy Eating for Your Preschooler (PDF) Spanish


Printable Nutrition Tip Sheets for Kids

Boost Your Brainpower with Breakfast (PDF) Spanish
Power Up Your Breakfast Coloring Sheet (PDF)
Eat Well Be Active! (PDF) Spanish
Reach for a Healthy Beverage (PDF)
MyPlate: What Foods Should You Put on Your Plate Activity Sheet  (PDF)
Mmmm…Milk! Activity Sheet (PDF)