Nutrition Education + Counseling Skills Module Resources, Handouts and Assessments

Nutrition Education + Counseling Skills Module

The purpose of this module to strengthen communication skills that help dietitians and dietetic students become more effective educators and counselors. This module is meant to supplement existing resources in the dietetic curriculum and is not an all inclusive curriculum by itself.

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Learning Objectives
  • Patient Counseling Skills TrainingConvey the importance of embedding specific nutrition advice in a total diet context.
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of dietary patterns as nutrition education tools.
  • Increase awareness of the multiple factors by which clients and consumers assimilate nutrition information.
  • Enhance the nutrition counselor's ability to use client-centered counseling techniques to motivate clients' dietary changes.
  • Define and demonstrate a guided counseling approach when counseling.
  • Assess a counseling session using the Nutrition Care Process framework.

Special Recognition

We would like to acknowledge the professional advisory group that helped us to develop this module:

    Gail C. Frank, DrPH, RD, CHES
    Toby Morris, MS, RD
    Kara Caldwell Freeman, DrPH, RD
    Doris Derelian, PhD, JD, RD

A special recognition to Natalie Zima, Dietetic Intern UCSF (2009-10) for her help with the audio-taping and for the entire CSU Long Beach dietetic internship class of 2010-11 for their help in testing the module.