Nutrition Trends in nutrition research, education, policy and communications

2018 Nutrition Trends


  1. Abundance of food and beverage choices complicates healthy eating.

  2. Research continues to support the inclusion of dairy in plant-based eating patterns, however dairy is often overlooked in general recommendations.

  3. Disruption to agriculture could change the future food supply.

  4. Dealing with childhood obesity and its comorbidities may require looking at prenatal and generational factors such as eating habits.

  5. Rapid changes in technology and social media challenge health educators to remain relevant and engaging, yet also present increased opportunities for effective education.

  6. Millennials’ broad set of food preferences and values is influencing the way Americans eat.

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Nutrition Trends

Healthy SaladWe have a dedicated Trends Task Force that meets three times per year to review the trends in nutrition research, education, policy and communications. The purpose of this meeting is to keep our programs on the cutting edge, scientifically accurate and user-friendly. Dairy Council of California has maintained this trends tracking system for 30 years; we feel it is an integral part of our success. 

The team includes 11 staff members, eight of whom are registered dietitian nutritionists. Our source information includes publications, both scholarly journals and news media that report on nutrition issues.