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This eight-page, self-instructional booklet provides pregnant and breastfeeding women with helpful tips and information about nutrition.

It includes recommendations on healthy weight gain, physical activity, breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition.

Moms learn about balancing foods from all five food groups, in amounts needed to maintain her health and support the growth of her baby.

Available in English and Spanish, this pregnancy nutrition guide is a must-have resource for every pregnant woman!

The booklet uses a behavior change model that helps users translate health recommendations into small, realistic changes to improve health. Aligns to USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. 

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The booklet is based on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, reflected in the MyPlate icon.

It includes information about:

  • healthy eating
  • how to handle nausea
  • what to eat
  • constipation
  • heartburn
  • lactose intolerance

Answers for common questions about rate of weight gain during pregnancy and losing weight after the baby is born, vegetarianism, supplements, and what foods pose safety concerns are included.

Order Free Materials
If you work in California in any of these nutrition education roles, you may order free nutrition education booklets.
  • Physician
  • Health educator
  • Registered dietitian
  • Nurse/nurse practitioner
  • Nutrition educator
If you live outside California, you may order the materials at a reasonable cost.

Booklet Uses

Our booklets are self-instructional and work in a variety of prenatal settings:

  • one-on-one instruction or counseling
  • group classes
  • resource library
  • OBGYN waiting room
  • WIC
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The booklet uses a behavior change model that helps users translate health recommendations
into small, yet “doable” changes to improve health. More information on the booklet evaluation can be found here.

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