Guide for Preschooler Meals and Snacks: Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

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Healthy Eating for Your Young Child Guide

Healthy Eating for Your Young Child


Nutrition Tips for Ages 2 - 5

This eight-page booklet provides parents of preschoolers with action steps to support them in raising healthy children through balanced food choices, physical activity, sleep and screen time recommendations.

The booklet uses a behavior change model that helps users translate health recommendations into small, yet “doable” changes to improve health.

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Healthy Eating for Your Young Child GuideThis booklet is based on the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, reflected in the MyPlate icon.

Topics include:

  • Healthy eating for preschoolers
  • Age-appropriate serving sizes
  • Tips for picky eaters
  • How to reduce dinnertime struggles
  • Meal ideas based on MyPlate guidelines

If you work in California in any of these nutrition education roles, you may order free nutrition education booklets.

  • Physician
  • Health educator
  • Registered dietitian
  • Nurse/nurse practitioner
  • School wellness coordinator
  • Nutrition educator
If you live outside California, you may order the materials at a reasonable cost.

Booklet Uses

Our booklets are self-instructional and work in a variety of nutrition education settings:

  • one-on-one instruction or counseling
  • group classes
  • resource library

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