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Calcium Connection

Food + activity choices that help build + keep strong bones.

This 8-page, self-instructional booklet is designed for women and men, boys and girls—from adolescence to older adults. It contains action steps to boost calcium and vitamin D in the diet.   

The booklet uses a behavior change model that helps users translate health recommendations into small, realistic changes to improve health. Aligns to USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate. 

This booklet is now only available through download. Other print nutrition education booklets are available here.

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The booklet is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and recent national recommendations for calcium and vitamin D.

It includes:

  • bookmark shopping list of high-calcium foods
  • recipes
  • calcium-rich meal and snack ideas

Age-specific pages provide information on growing and maintaining strong bones throughout life. Users will find information on supplements, lactose intolerance, vitamin D, weight maintenance and physical activity.

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Credible + Tested

The booklet uses a behavior change model that translates information into positive attitudes and eating behaviors.

We pride ourselves on testing our materials so they work for users. Read more about the evaluation conducted in 2010.

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