Pregnancy Health Professional and Parent Program Evaluation Results


Health Professional and Parent Program Evaluation Results

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Detailed Evaluation Results

Developing Healthy Mom's & Babies BookletsOverview 
Pregnancy—A Special Time for Nutrition was field-tested to determine if women could improve their food choices after reading a nutrition education booklet on healthy eating during pregnancy. The program design is flexible to accommodate group settings or self-instructional formats and in this study the materials were mailed to the homes of pregnant women to read at their leisure.

A random-dial telephonic study with 100 pregnant women in California found that the program met its major objectives of improving the knowledge and eating behaviors of pregnant women. Classification of foods into appropriate food groups increased substantially immediately after reading the booklet and remained high six months out indicating knowledge retention. Study participants' self-reports show an increase in consumption of food-group foods, with the exception of Protein and a decrease in "extra" foods- sweets, fats and oils.

Respondents' impressions of the booklet were highly favorable at both post-intervention interviews. On a 10-point scale, women gave the booklet a mean rating of 9.2 immediately after reading the booklet and 9.4 in their last trimester. Health professional feedback on the pregnancy program gathered independently of the study has been positive as well.

Health Professional Comments  

  • "The new program is wonderful, specifically the color, the amount of information and the content."
  • "Individualized, personalized booklets provide valuable information for the duration of the pregnancy - aiding retention and follow through."
  • "This booklet is the best; it meets 100% of the practice's needs for nutrition."
  • "The program is very practical to use in a class situation because it facilitates discussion and involvement of pregnant women to improve their diet."
  • "Health professionals have a great value for the Spanish version of the program."

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Detailed Evaluation Results