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Health professionals are pressed for time. Short accurate assessment tools that can be done within counseling sessions or as follow-up for the client at home are valuable tools to improve behavior. The University of California at San Francisco’s Mt. Zion Osteoporosis Clinic research team was contracted in 2005 through 2006 by Dairy Council of California to conduct a calcium questionnaire validation study. The purpose of the project was to validate two Dairy Council of California calcium questionnaires: the online Calcium Quiz and the calcium questionnaire in the Calcium Connection booklet compared to the calcium intake of a three-day food record.

Data from 140 women in the San Francisco area were included in the analyses. The overall correlation between the Dairy Council of California questionnaires and the three day calcium intake average from the food records was 0.37; typical of what the literature reports for questionnaires.

Studies with higher correlations have utilized questionnaires with more food items (up to 209 items), more days of dietary records (up to 11 days), or repeated administration of the food frequency questionnaires.

Nearly 75% of the participants were in the same or an adjacent quartile when assessed by a questionnaire as when they were assessed by a full three-day food record. The results of this study suggest that a short calcium assessment taking women less than five minutes to complete, has correlation values within similar ranges to other questionnaires with more food items (up to 209) according to the literature. Health professionals should consider using the online Calcium Quiz and the calcium questionnaire in the Calcium Connection booklet to gather an estimated calcium intake for their female clients.

Health Professional Comments  

  • "The whole booklet is a nice resource for me."
  • "The emphasis that bone health related to calcium is a lifelong project."
  • "Stresses the need for prevention now. The message that bone health is essential for women of all ages and can be worked on."

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Detailed Evaluation Results