Map of Territory Manager's Areas

California County Map

Identify your local Community Nutrition Advisers by county and then contact them. TM_map_counties2017636422215248116775

Local Community Nutrition Advisers

Identify your Local Community Nutrition Adviser with our map or call 877.324.7901 to be connected.

Community Nutrition Advisers - Northern California

Sonia Fernandez Arana, MA email   Becca Schupp email
Bailey Rose email   Renée Farias email
Jammie Lam email  


Community Nutrition Advisers - Southern California

Morgan Carey email   Heather Troska Berkoben email
Rajwinder Kaur, MPH  email   Candice Sainz email
Bessie O'Connor, RDN email   Gloria Davis, MEd, RDN, SNS email