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Message From the CEO

From 1919 to Today: Dairy Producers and Processors Make Their Voices Heard

During a conversation on a ferry boat headed to San Francisco nearly 100 years ago, dairymen Sam Greene and Chester Gray saw an opportunity to improve health through nutrition education and access to milk and dairy foods. From that conversation, Dairy Council of California was born. Today, dairy farm families and milk companies are joined by others who champion our cause to elevate the health of children and families by supporting the efforts of Dairy Council of CA. See full story.

Voices Supporting Health

Dairy Council of California is dedicated to elevating the health of children and families in California through the pursuit of lifelong health eating habits—but the work can’t be done alone. Below are stories from producers, processors and other community partners who share a dedication to advocate for healthy eating patterns with milk and dairy foods as a cornerstone. See full story

Your Money at Work

2017-2018 Expenditures

Your Money At Work

An Advocacy Resource for the Dairy Community

DairyUPDairy Council of California is using dairy messaging and technology to meet the needs of the global dairy community. This year, Dairy Council of California released DairyUP, a free mobile app for dairy professionals to use when talking about milk and dairy products and the journey from farm to table.
Information is easily accessed in six categories: nutrients of milk and dairy foods; health; safety; animal welfare; environment and sustainability; and types of milk and dairy foods.
DairyUP provides a cohesive voice on milk and dairy foods for supporters from all over the world. In fact, the app has been downloaded hundreds of times and has users in more than 10 countries, including Ireland, Poland and China.

Download DairyUP today.

Available on Apple and Google Play app stores.

Board Chair

Beyond the Numbers: Providing Value in Many Ways

As a mother of two young boys, I know how important it is to have access to the type of dairy and nutrition education resources that Dairy Council of CA provides. That’s why, last year on behalf of the dairy community, the Dairy Councilof CA board approved a modest increase in the industry assessment. It was the first assessment increase in 16 years, and it followed a savings of $1.6 million in five years through reduced costs. See full story.

By the Numbers

In 2017–2018, Dairy Council of California demonstrated its increasing sphere of influence with educators, public health professionals and key gatekeepers to educate more children and families, more times and in more ways.


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